Team Awesome, FTW!

Team Awesome, FTW!

About Us

She's Rosie, a Southerner from Nashville, TN and he's Faris, an Iraqi-Kiwi, born and raised in London. 

We used to live and work in NYC where we had fancy titles and bars in our offices. It was rad. Mostly. Except there were so. many. meetings.  When Faris sold his share in a digital agency he started, he proposed that we quit our jobs and travel the world for 6 months, to take a break, to explore. We both really loved traveling, and the stars aligned, and so we've been traveling ever since. [Get the full story in our Year One review, originally published over on Medium.]

Do you have a home base? The government doesn't really allow vagabonds. And we're big fans of Faris' green card. So, officially, we do have a home base, at Rosie's mom's house in Nashville. We're there from Thanksgiving-Christmas every year.

How do you afford to travel all the time? We are creative consultants and have a company called Genius Steals. We work while we travel, and plan travel around work. We modulate our overheads depending on countries and projects. If we have a longer-term project, we'll rent an AirBnb. If we're invited to speak somewhere we haven't been, we'll tack on some time to explore the city/country. 

What is Genius Steals and who do you work with? Genius Steals is an itinerant (obviously) strategy and innovation consultancy which helps brands, agencies, and rebels find the awesome at the intersection of new communication ideas, new product concepts, and new ways of thinking, especially about the impact of technology. We work with brands like Gibson Guitars, Nestle, Coca-Cola, InterContinental Hotels, Air New Zealand, advertising and media agencies, and occasionally take on start-up clients as well. We're also keynote speakers at conferences, where we often are hired to speak about creativity and technology.

Are you hiring? We always like working with interesting people, and occasionally we do bring on freelancers. But we don't have internships, and we don't have any full-time positions. If you have experience in advertising / marketing / PR / graphic design, head on over and let us know.

When will you stop? This might be our most frequently asked question. We're living our dream, why would we stop??

But what about friends? We love our friends. We have the best friends, and they're scattered all over the world. We write post cards and we visit. We vacation with them and their families. Some we see even more because we don't have a company-mandated vacation policy. And because we're big fans of talking to strangers, we end up meeting a bunch of friends on the road. 

Can I stalk some of your travel pictures? Sure, mom. See below :)