We've been living on the road/runway and working remotely for 5 years, and counting.

What does this mean exactly?

Well, when we said we were "On The Road" (invoking Kerouac), people kept asking us if we had bought a mobile home. So we updated his expression. But if you say "On the Runway," it sounds really pretentious or like you have been modeling. So we went with a hybrid. Anyway, all it means is that we don't have an apartment and instead choose to travel around the world, working on projects for clients and exploring and working on our own things in between.

We're not travel bloggers and we're not trying to sell you an e-book or online course on how to do it yourself. But after 3 years on the road, we do get a whole lotta questions and people wanting to know more.

We didn't plan to go fully nomadic. We didn’t set out to build a location independent strategy and innovation consultancy; We are accidental entrepreneurs, husband and wife, and for two people who love traveling, who love talking to strangers, being technomads gives us the flexibility to do just that.

Is the world ready for Global Nomads? Definitely not. But that's fine with us, because we like making it up as we go :)